Increases sales and reduces queues

FrontRetail Mobile is a software for mobile devices running Android OS that expands the functionalities of the original FrontRetail. The seller can improve the customer experience at the whole store, following them and increasing sales by impulse, avoiding losing sales because of the “counter queue” effect. From their device sellers scan the item’s barcode and finishes the sale, collecting the money in cash or by card using a Bluetooth Pin Pad. You can also leave sales on hold to finish them later on at the POS, relieving queues at rush time. FrontRetail Mobile uses the same Mix&Match and loyalty conditions as FrontRetail, and allows to see stocks of multiple warehouses.

Get the Point of Sale closer to your customers. Agile sales and personalized attention from anywhere in the store

FrontRetail Mobile application Screenshots

FrontRetail Mobile Main Features

  • Instalable in any device running Android 4.0 or higher
  • Easy and intuitive thanks to its descriptive buttons
  • Update items, prices and stocks fast and automatic
  • Search items by reference, barcode or description
  • Send sale documents to your customers by email
  • Print from any printer in the store (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Network, etc.)
  • Link with Bluetooth Pin-pads to pay with a card
  • Access OwnPack from the device, to watch or play videos, photos, catalogs, user manuals, etc.
  • Send by email or social network any file in OwnPack
  • Sales on hold could be restored from POS in FrontRetail
  • Finish sales from the own device
  • Communications are not affected (No penalties for communications......)
  • Mix & Match and Loyalty

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