Software for staff management, timetable planning, monitoring absence...

ICGPlanner has been designed to satisfy one of the most important needs that have all the companies which common feature are extended working hours: staff management and shifts planning.

ICGPlanner helps to make weekly shifts, having defined before the daily availability and category for each employee, and optimize staff depending on the turnover or time slot. It is also possible to register holidays, personal days and sick leaves or other leaves. So, when you are setting a new planning, ICGPlanner notifies graphically and visually in calendar employees that will not meet the planned timetable and facilitates the search of substitutes most suitable before any last minute sick leave or issue.

ICGPlanner provides a powerful statistic module:

1. To print plannings made by center or employees.

2. To analyze deviations between scheduled timetable and worked hours.

3. To manage and monitor issues and sick leaves.

ICGPlanner can be used by any company or business, independently of working centers that have, since consolidates the information of all centers of a company

ICGPlanner Screenshots

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