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The ICGManager enterprise software is the ideal solution that will help you to manage, order and control your business in a trustworthy and reliable way. It is the working tool that assures the integration of all departments (production, commercial, logistics, purchases, finances, invoicing, accounting, management...).

With ICGManager distances don't matter as you can centrally manage your different businesses with a single tool and in real time. ICGManager provides at any moment the information about the status of your business, controls documental traceability and guides you with taking your business decisions thanks to the analytical statistics that this solutions offers you for the enterprise management.

The Enterprise Resource Planning -ERP- offered by ICG through its enterprise management software ICGManager, guarantees that you manage the information of all areas of your business to expedite tasks, improve production processes and reduces costs. It contemplates modules for warehouse management, and stock control and auto-sales and presales management with hand terminals communicating through Wi-Fi or GPRS.

At ICG Software we understand you, and through our ERP we offer you the opportunity to take profit of the enterprise intelligence given by this solution.

Complete management software, without limits, powerful and with external functionalities

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Main features of ICGManager


  • Budgets: Preparation of budgets for tracking items and revisions.
  • Traceability documentary: Tracking all associated documents in the complete cycle of a sale (budget, orders, shipments, invoices, billing, accounting ,..).
  • Rates Sales: Creation and innovation Wizard Maintaining pricing, special offers and promotions periods. Policies per customer.
  • Controlling the sales force: Sales tracking by vendor Mortatge definicióny commissions.
  • Turnover: Automation of sales turnover of delivery notes, invoicing of installments.
  • Electronic bill: Manufacture of electronic invoices by generating XML file Facturae version 3.2 officially approved.
  • PDA of AutoVenta: Autoventa Solution for Mobile. All functions of a commercial from a PDA (routes, sales and promotions, outstanding bills, check stock, billing indirect or wirelessly print documents, etc. ..).
  • Internet Sales Management: The business is open 24 hours, 365 days.

Purchasing and Warehouse

  • Procurement: Introduction manual purchase orders or automatic generation depending on stock levels and delivery time.
  • Reception: Validation of goods received against orders, labeling and placement in the store.
  • Expedition: Preparation and validation of delivery notes. Printing shipping labels.
  • Inventory: Planning, implementation and inventory analysis, partial or areas.
  • Inventory status information: Inventory counting, processing or regularized. Total inventory items and without stock, a percentage that represents the differences between units counted and calculated. Automatic Adjustment of all pending.
  • Planning of future inventories: Selecting store, with dates and items to count.
  • Closing inventory: Prevents modification of documents prior to the closing date affect the current stock.
  • Inventory adjustments: Automatically generates transfers to wastage of units indicated.
  • PocketManager: Mobile solutions for warehouse management. All functions are possible with the wireless handset that works in real time.


  • Definition of risk by allocating customers and user functions.
  • Monitoring and Control of receipts and payments outstanding.
  • Generation files and internet bank remittance in accordance with rules 19, 32, 58, 34.
  • Print checks, promissory notes and payment cards.
  • Bank consolidation.


  • Absolute integration and real-time billing and cash flow.
  • Navigation extracts and documents.
  • Tax assessments.
  • New forms for the VAT: Visualization of the model 303 to account for VAT. File generation for electronic filing of the models 303 and 340.
  • Analytical by cost centers.
  • Balances officers.

Analytical Statistics

Company information for decision making on the spot. ICGManager features a powerful engine for generating custom reports and graphs, allowing the user to explore all your business information in the most convenient and immediate.

  • Ranking of sales items, customers, business areas, departments, brands ...
  • Comparative sales and purchases of various periods (accumulated monthly, monthly accumulated the previous year, cumulative annual cumulative annual last year, inter-monthly, daily, weekdays, ..).
  • Sales by slots, days of the week ...
  • Buckets dynamic bar charts, column, ...
  • Articles without rotation, articles on maxima, minima and tear items under stock.
  • Current inventories, inventories at a time, transfers between warehouses...
  • Collections and payments due, Cashflow.

The reports, cubes and graphs can be printed, exported to Excel or sent by e-mail.


A tool that strengthens the personalized relationship with customers and business contacts.

  • Access from one screen to the personal data of customers, suppliers, contacts, employees, government and acquaintances.
  • Call records, visits and agreements.
  • Customizing chips clients and contacts by creating new fields to record and update all the necessary information.
  • Navigation from a client's file for their records, pending charges, activities and services.
  • Planning as scheduling of the sales team.
  • Technical Services Management and registration notices Call Center.

Your company here and now with the utmost security!

ICG offers companies the BBOrganizer, a system for access through mobile phones, Information and the whole activity of the com IA, personal agenda, and all customer information and contacts.

Post SMS and EMAIL

Includes a module to send bulk SMS and e-mails which increases promotions, marketing campaigns encourages and strengthens the commercial actions.

  • Sending SMS anywhere in the world to customers, suppliers, vendors or contacts.
  • Customer Segmentation , with or without sales.
  • Automation shipping mass e-mails and SMS.
  • Can redeem points for discounts.
  • Generates coupons or associated promotions block to selected clients.

Process Automation

Incorporates automated processes that run unattended, streamlining administrative procedures and increasing efficiency of the company to have all the data and results automatically.

  • Bakery backup: Possibility to plan the implementation of backups automatically, easily and securely, at any time of day when absent or at night.
  • Recalculation of costs: The automated process allows you to assign costs to sales documents relevant to know exactly the margins.
  • Recalculate stocks: Offers a snapshot of stocks. Provides information in transit stock, stock ordering, stock to serve, physical stock,..
  • Reindexing of the database: Optimize access to files for maximum performance of the database.

Central-Communications Establishments with POS

ICGManager allows multiple outlets communicate decentralized and have all the information in real time

  • Real time sales. Collect sales every second of all its establishments.
  • Create articles for all establishments. Creating a one-time items, ICGManager Internet automatically sent to all establishments.
  • Change centralized pricing. It is not necessary to go to each establishment to change the price of the products.
  • Centralized Purchasing for all establishments.
  • Centralized management stores and user profiles.
  • Boxes and Accounting Control.
  • Custom and business analysis. For taking decisions in real time.
  • Starting immediate of an establishment from the plant itself, without having to travel.
  • Central Stock: Ability to view the stock in other stores.
  • Customer loyalty: Using prepaid cards and VIP points.
  • Offers and promotions: (3x2, the second at half price ...).

Key Benefits

  • Reliable. With SQL Server, data is always safe at times of peak workload and in multiuser environments.
  • Safe. Users are identified by password to access the functions and permissions.
  • Scalable. It adapts to the size of the company, from single user to a local network with dozens of terminals.
  • Customizable. As of now, document layouts, displays, operational work, and so on.
  • Profitable. Aid for strategic decision making thanks to a complete statistical and analytical information cube building.
  • Integral. Covers all the needs of an enterprise purchasing cycles and sales, warehouse, treasury and accounting ...
  • Exportable. All information is exportable to Excel, HTML, TXT...
  • Integrated accounting. Automatic generation of entries in the accounts from the management.

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