Software Point of Sale for orders on tables

TeleComanda is a system with an excelent graphic resolution. Is a solution to make orders directly from tables of restaurants, pizzerias, etc., providing a high tables rotation, a faster service to clients and a better communication with kitchen.

TeleComanda send from mobile device orders directly to different elaboration areas (kitchen, bar, cellar), and in Point of Sale.

Get a high tables rotation giving a faster service

TeleComanda Screenshots

Main features of TeleComanda


  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Orders captured by table.
  • Possible to work with a fixed table.
  • Send orders to the kitchen printers through Wi-Fi.
  • Reception confirmation in the bar, kitchen, grill, etc.
  • All the necessary information will be displayed in the terminal.
  • Function buttons customized by user.
  • Double register for all the orders.
  • Employee selection for the sale.
  • Graphical display of the table status in the PDA.
  • Selection of items can be per family or alphabetically.
  • When selecting a family, the top 10 most popular dishes will be displayed.
  • In the order screen, the families and items number can be defined.
  • Send orders to the kitchen.
  • Change dishes.
  • Distinguish between starters, main course, dessert, etc.
  • Change dish order.
  • Display fixed items per shift.
  • Able to restore one orders to add more items.
  • Option to consult the complete order before sending, avoiding possible errors.
  • The sale can be finished from the PDA, without having to go to the FrontRest terminal.
  • Payment type selection when finalizing a sale including change calculation.
  • Ticket printout from the PDA with a wireless or bar printer.
  • Option to do credit notes from the terminal.
  • Printout a pre-ticket of a table without finalizing the sale (before even knowing what will be the payment type).
  • Items modifiers (no sale, extra cheese, etc.).
  • Multiple sizes (glass, shot, combination, etc.).
  • Free comments in an order.
  • Menu selection from the PDA.
  • Automatic promotions proposal depending on the items that the client orders.
  • Charge to a hotel room (if connected with FrontHotel).
  • TeleComanda sales report from FrontRest.

Telecomanda Advantages

  • TeleComanda allows you to increase your work speed, in turn rotating tables more often.
  • It increases the clients consumption. If you select on drink in TeleComanda and you serve it, this will already be served while you are taking the order for the food. Causing the clients to order more drinks when they start eating.
  • Avoid errors and unnecessary movements.
  • If it is not entered, it is not prepared in the kitchen. Preventing errors in the order taking process.
  • No additional training is needed. The waiters use the same buttons as in FrontRest.
  • Minimum investment. It is only necessary for the Supervisor to use the TeleComanda.
  • When associating the modifiers (well done, extra cheese, without salt, etc.) to the items ordered by the client, it is not necessary for the waiter to remember the options.

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