Communications Headquarter - Establishments with POS

ICGManager allows to communicate several Points of Sale descentralized and have all the information in real-time.

  • Sales in real-time. Has all the sales in each second of all the establishments.
  • Items creation for all the establishments. Creating only once items, ICGManager sends automatically by Internet to all establishments.
  • Centralized change of prices. It is not necessary to travel to establishments to change the price of the items.
  • Centralized sales for all establishments.
  • Centralized establishments management and user profiles.
  • Control of POS and accounting.
  • Customized reports and business analysis. To take decisions in real-time.
  • Start immediately an establishment from headquarter, without having to travel.
  • Centralized Stock: Possibility of show stock from other shops. 
  • Clients Loyalty: Through prepaid cards, VIP and points.
  • Offers and promotions: (3x2, second half price...).

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