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Houston Livestock show and Rodeo

Through the subsidiary in United States, ICG Software Corp. it has been installed a total number of 153 ICG Point of Sale Terminals, with their software applications for Hospitality in all food and beverage establishments within the showground, considered the biggest in the world

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is a large livestock fair, the biggest one in United States, where are devoloped several leisure and musical activities, as well as the largest Rodeo in the world. It was born in 1932 as an initiative from a group of ranchers that wanted to keep the tradition of rodeo and at the same time, commercialize better their cattles. Since then, the contest has evolved and grown until turn into a large world-famous event. Since 2003 it is being held in Reliant Stadium. The Reliant centre has 130.000 square meters for conventions and meetings, whereas the stadium has a capacity of 71.500 spectators.

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo has among its aims to show the best of the cattle industry and its practises and also support young people and their education. From its founding, the organization has contributed more than 265 milion dolars for scolarships and several education and investigation programs.

The implementation of the ICG solutions consisted of installing 153 Point of Sale touch terminals, with the specialized software for Hospitality, in the food and beverage establishments that are located within this showground where receives more than 2 milion of visitors in each contest, and where the daily sales information and stock control is essential to get the maximum profitability of business.

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