Success Stories

Success Stories

Discover how companies around the world successfully transform themselves and achieve their goals thanks to ICG

“We needed a reliable and stable system but also a global software throughout the world. The answer was found in ICG.”

“The versatility and adaptability of ICG solutions allows us to work in all countries around the world with the same software but with the corresponding national language”

“Organize 200 employees serving 770 people simultaneously 365 days a year would be unmanageable if we did not have the best business management tools and employee planning such as ICG”

“With the ICG software we have a standard solution that evolves with us. It has a very powerful promotion system and offers information on real time to know at any time the evolution of sales and the promotions behavior”.

“ICG solutions allow us to manage the information of all market on real time to facilitate decision-making. It provides us the optimal management at any time”.

“We needed to have all our activity as a company in a single software and we also wanted to know the consumption of our customers. The best improvement we have experienced with ICG is that we move information in a more agile way”.

“ICG has given us, above all, stability and security. Are proven solutions where you can see the accumulated experience”.

“Working in real time and the personalization and easy creation of reports, have been the most important benefits that the ICG Solutions have brought to us“