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Principales ventajas FrontHotel PMS

Connectivity: Two-way integration with Channel Manager, Booking Engine and RMS

Automation: All daily processes are automated and information is shared in real time between departments

Simplification: Simple, agile and synchronised management procedures that allow time to be spent with customers

Data consolidation: All information is centralised and consolidated in a single system for easy analysis

Customisation: ICG solutions adapt to the needs of each establishment

Innovation: Constant evolution of the management software that includes the latest innovations and trends of the market

With FrontHotel PMS:

Optimise the management of your establishment thanks to FrontHotel PMS

Manage in a unified way all the productive areas, streamlining the processes of Check-in and Check-out, invoicing or booking quotes. Set the rates and packages to be used in direct bookings or to be published in OTAs and Booking Engine and update prices from a single screen. Manage individual or group bookings and simplify the billing process. Easily control and settle fees generated by your channels

Organise events and meetings efficiently

Check the availability of your spaces, follow up on quotations, plan the tasks for your employees, organise the supply of raw materials according to the recipe defined in the product sheets, prepare service orders, organise preparation and cleaning of rooms, assess the costs by means of production orders and analyse the profitability of each event

Manage your Spa in a comprehensive way

Plan your client's stay before arrival. Schedule the initial medical visit, record medical history, prescribe the most appropriate spa services or treatments, assign and schedule therapists, invoice packages / programmes and allocate charges to a room. Simplified cost control and analysis of the margins generated by each treatment

Improve the efficiency of your Housekeeping area

Increase the productivity, optimise workflows and enhance the efficiency of your staff. From a smartphone or tablet you will be able to plan the team's tasks, obtain in real time the information sent from reception (Check-out, Do Not Disturb, Priorities), open breakdown tasks, manage the Lost&Found area, charge Minibar or Laundry Charges directly to the guest bill and also block rooms. Forget about forms and reports in paper and also unnecessary trips to the hotel

Integration with hotel distribution platforms

Connectivity with Channel Manager

Save time in the online distribution of your rooms inventory or updating rates and do it just once from the PMS. Automate the reservations load coming from the different Channels

Connectivity with RMS

Take advantage of the recommendations from the Revenue Management System platform in order to optimizethe rates automatically in the PMS according to the availability, competitors, online reputation, or demand trends

Connectivity with CRM / UpSelling

Maximise revenue through Upselling systems by offering additional services and upgrades prior to guest arrival and analyse the level of customer satisfaction through surveys

Increase your revenue with PortalRest

Offer to your clients a quick access to Room Service with the online orders module. Customers can access to items offered in their language, make the order, and pay from the smartphone just by scanning a QR code

Automatic e-mailing to your guests

Simplify the process of sending Confirmations to your guests, automate the PreCheck-in e-mailing to your guests with all the information related to their stay and those recommendations you want them to know, thanks post Check-out and also the sending of Congratulations for their anniversary

Submit the official reports for the INE (Spain) and Police

INE / ISTAC / EUSTAT Occupancy Surveys

Save the time spent on obtaining, filling in and validating the data that must be submitted to the official bodies and generate with a simple click the file for the Occupancy Survey in XML format with all the required information

Travellers Registration

Generate and send easily the police records that must be done on daily basis by all the accommodation business. It is also available the ROAT (Andorra model) in XML format

Manages the Maintenance area in an organised way

Assigns the work reports that are registered in the rooms and common areas, improves the efficiency of repairs and preventive actions, establishes priorities and registers the spare parts used in each breakdown to control the warehouse stock

Manage several hospitality Points of Sale

FrontRest Point of Sale

From the POS with the FrontRest management software installed in the different points of sale (Restaurant, Bar, etc), you can check the board services consumed by the guests, applies the corresponding rates according to the Hotel's board and allocates the charges to the rooms

Mobility for the waiter

From TeleComanda Android, you will be able to validate the guest's board and charge or debit the charges to the guest's open account, after digitally signing the authorisation on the Tablet. You will speed up the preparation of orders in the kitchen and at the bar, you will ensure that all products served will be billed and you will increase revenue and customer satisfaction due to the agility of the service

With the eRest show the Menu with the language of your customers in a digital signage

Display the dishes of your restaurant through the electronic Menu located at the Hotel Reception, or elevator, or any other areas. Increase the revenue at every POS offering a service up to date, reducing queues at the reception and displaying the prices and the receipes composition with food allergens

All your hotel information from ICGAnalytics

Navigate and deepen the information of your business from any place and device through the KPI's available in the dashboards provided by ICGAnalytics. Analyse and transform the information into strategic decision making in real time

With ICGManager manage your backoffice in a single solution

Manage your Warehouses

Manage the stock control for every warehouse. Follow up every single movement of stock at each department; F&B, Spa, Bar, Rooms, … Get consolidated data about costs and stock with a single solution. Through the ICGManager you can set purchase orders to your suppliers centrally and from the main warehouse distribute items according to each location’s demand

Manage the Finance and the Accounting

Do follow up the accounts receivable and the payable as well, speed up the process for accounting the cashcounts, double check the ledger entries, set up capital assets, or run accounting balances statements

With ICGDocs manage electronically your business’s documents

With ICGDocs generate invoices and send them automatically to the clients thus saving costs, optimizing the process and resources, and contributing to save the environment. It enables to give access to a platform where your partners and agents can consults and download all the invoices generated

Manage your business cash with CashDro

Control and keep safe your business cash with the CashDro solution. The POS cash drawer that always balances. Incorporating CashDro in your points of sale cash closing is immediate without discrepancies, cash is always safe, unknown cash losses are avoided, false bill are rejected and exchange errors are eliminated. Several waiters can work with the same CashDro without having to make partial or complete cash counts

Manage the trade of your outlet with FrontRetail

With FrontRetail software FrontRetail you can manage several business types such as; boutique, supermarket, hair salons, etc , and bill out or post the charges to guest account hosted at the Hotel. Do sell items through barcodes, references, or serial numbers

Integrations with systems and platforms that simplify and optimize management

Automation of processes to simplify, speed up and avoid human errors during the most common procedures of a hotel establishment

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