Solution Handheld Terminal to manage warehouse

The PocketManager solution is an online working system for handhelds terminals PocketPC with barcodereader and wireless network card, that works in real-time with the database of ICGManager and FrontRetail.

Is the ideal solution to manage warehouse. Due to its high mobility and easy to use that provides PocketManager, allows to completely manage the warehouse, making all the functionalities from the handheld terminal.

Mobile solution to manage warehouse

PocketManager Screenshots

Main Features of PocketManager

Functionalities PocketManager

  • Performing Sales: Generating sales of any document (orders, shipments, invoices, ticket ...) from the PDA itself.
  • Sales Waiting: If you're in a supermarket, specialty shop or store large, and so on. Read the vendor that the customer purchases items from the PDA, allowing such sales charge in any case the establishment.
  • Serve Sale Offer: When the sales order is confirmed, the delivery note is generated sales associate, to follow every step of the complete issue of the material.
  • Issuance of AWB's Sales: Reading the articles that belong to the invoice, for proper packaging. In the issue, different packages are generated and inserted to send weight or build the Packing List.
  • AWB's Sales Billing: Issued delivery orders can be invoiced directly from PocketManager or later through deICGManager.
  • Orders/Delivery Notes Purchase: Are allowed to place orders/delivery orders to buy, by reading the barcode of the article, carrying the reference or when selected manually, including the printing of the order.
  • Receiving shopping in the store: When reading through the terminal bar codes of goods received in the warehouse, the delivery note is automatically generated purchase the supplier.
  • Serial numbers/lot: In items with serial numbers/batch PocketManager enter the number by reading a barcode or manually.
  • Transfers between stores: The transfer of items between warehouses is made indicating the source and destination stores and reading the bar codes of items that you want to transfer.
  • Inventory: Inventory, both local and remote storage. Inventories may be real time or offline, against the plant or establishment. Real-time inventories are stored directly in ICGManager or FrontRetail, without having to perform more tasks. Inventories are stored offline on the PDA for later dumping data in both ICGManager as FrontRetail. Also included is the inventory by location, to inventory a store that is divided into multiple parts.
  • Stock Search: Search the actual stock of a particular item in all company stores.
  • Check Returns: In a chain/franchise PocketManager accept any items that returned to the central facilities. In reading the articles through bar codes, plus the goods in the stock of central subtracting the establishment merchandise returns.

Advantages of PocketManager

  • Using WiFi technology to work in real time with ICGManager or FrontRetail, wirelessly.
  • All functions are performed by reading bar codes, although there is always the possibility of charging items, vendors, etc.. manually.
  • PocketManager simplifies and streamlines the sales and purchasing cycles, eliminating the dependence of physical documents and manual processes that can lead to errors in the process.
  • Complete synchronization between the purchasing department, sales and logistics.
  • Do not need previous knowledge of the functioning of any management program for use PocketManager, because the employee performs all functions of store reading bar codes.

ICG PDA Accessories

Available cradle and support the feedstock for the PDA PocketManager , to make the battery easily.

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