The unattended Point of Sale

ICGKiosk is the Point of Sale unattended for establishments that offer fast food service, selling drinks and ticket sales. It is a comprehensive solution for easy usability, visual-tactile with advanced software and is available in different languages (English, German, French, Spanish ....).

ICGKiosk improve business productivity with a streamlined sales system, the customer makes his own request, generates more sales pitches and better distribution of staff of the establishment during peak hours.

ICGKiosk working continuously from opening until you close the premises, it ensures maximum security and always block the box, and increases the average sale customer suggests why new Articles to complete your order.

A new concept of establishment. Learn more production, more rotation and less fixed costs

ICGKiosk Screenshots

Main Features of ICGKiosk


  • Productivity: The customer makes his own order and reduces waiting time.
  • Non-stop: ICGKiosk works continuously from the opening to the closing hour of the outlet.
  • Security: The cash count always tallies.
  • Turnover: Generates a higher sales turnover and better distribution of personnel at rush hours.
  • Production: Increases the average sales amount; ICGKiosk suggests the customer new items to complement the order.
  • Versatile: Accepts payments with banknotes, coins, credit cards, loyalty cards or prepaid cards.
  • Loyalty: The customer collects points to obtain presents or discounts at the sale.
  • Control: Automated cash closing and sending of the information to the office or headquarters.


  • 17" touch screen.
  • Windows® operating system license.
  • ICGKiosk Software.
  • Banknote validator for 50€, 20€, 10€ and 5€.
  • 10€ banknote dispenser.
  • Coin validator for 2€, 1€, 50c, 20c, 10c and 5c.
  • Coin return hoppers.
  • EMV card reader.
  • Pinpad for EMV card validation.

Three ICGKiosk models

  1. Collection with credit cards, banknotes and coins.
  2. Collection only with credit cards.
  3. Collection only with banknotes and coins.

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